Contractor Frequently Asked Questions

Is Contract Smart a referral service that creates leads for Contractors?

No. Contract Smart provides its members with web-based tools to help manage their business more efficiently and profitably.  Currently, the Contract Smart service includes the Contractor Bid and Contract Management System (BCMS) that enables Contractors to easily create bids and localized legal contracts for Property Owners and Subcontractors in a private, secure account.  Contract Smart Members who have an active subscription are listed on the website for the benefit of Property Owners seeking Member Contractors, but Members are not charged for any resulting contact from an Owner. 

What is a Contract Smart Member?  How do I become one?

Contract Smart Members are Contractors that subscribe to use Contract Smart's Bid and Contract Management System and agree to uphold Contract Smart's Code of Ethics.  If you are interested in becoming a Contract Smart Member, please review the Code of Ethics to ensure that you are confident you can uphold them.  Then, create an account and enjoy free trial bids and contracts to determine if you'd like to become a member.  When you've used your free bids and contracts, log in to your account, review our subscription options, and select the plan that meets your needs.

What are the advantages of being a Contract Smart Member?

Contract Smart Members that regularly use the Bid and Contract Management System close more bids, enjoy a more professional image and operate more smoothly.  Their projects are well-documented with important legal protections and conflict resolution clauses and they enjoy customized up to date reporting for all of their work.  Contract Smart Members enjoy numerous other benefits, which are too lengthy to present here.  If you'd like to speak to a Contract Smart Member about their experiences, please let us know, and we'll have one get in touch with you.       

What is the Bid and Contract Management System? Where is it available?

The Bid and Contract Management System is an online program that allows Contractors to quickly create and manage detailed bids and contracts for owners and subcontractors.  The Bid and Contract Management System also enables Contractors to update Contracts for changes, and to manage their entire workload with customizable reports.  The Bid and Contract Management System is currently available in Colorado.

I already have a contract.  Why should I use the Bid and Contract Management System?

While having a written contract is an important step toward establishing and maintaining a professional image and important legal protections, traditional contracts do have shortcomings.  Most are boiler-plate documents that do not address specific aspects of the work to be performed.  Often, these static documents become outdated with changes in the law.  Further, some Owners are hesitant to sign them because they understand that they are typically slanted in the Contractors favor.  In fact, many of these contracts stipulate that any disputes be resolved through costly and time-consuming litigation.  Finally, these contracts do little to help the Contractor better manage his or her workload.

On the other hand, The Bid and Contract Management System provides a balanced contract that provides important legal protections to the Owner and the Contractor.  The probability of disputes during the job is lowered by the detailed Scope of Work that is prepared in conjunction with the contract, as well as by subcontractor agreements stipulating terms and conditions of work.  Disagreements with owners are also reduced when the Bid and Contract Management System's project management tools are used to keep projects on time and under budget.  And, in the unlikely event of a dispute, the Contract Smart Contract contains an arbitration clause designed to resolve disagreements within two weeks - a much quicker and less costly solution than most court proceedings. 

How does the Bid and Contract Management System help me to close more business?

Used properly, the Bid and Contract Management System creates a competitive advantage for Contract Smart Member Contractors.  The typical contractor either provides an owner with a generic bid or contract that is written in their favor or provides no contract at all.  On the other hand, Contract Smart Member Contractors provide owners with a professional, third-party contract that provides each party with important legal rights and straightforward measures for conflict resolution.  Owners appreciate the detailed Scope of Work attached to each project, which helps both the Owner and the Contractor to clearly understand the work to be completed and the timeframe for completion.  Additionally, Contract Smart's Payment Milestones enable the Contractor to be paid as work is completed, avoiding the payment leverage game that sometimes occurs when a payment schedule is not clearly defined at the outset of a project.  However, with all expectations for work, timing, and payment clearly stated up front in a Contract Smart bid and contract, Owner trust and Contractor performance are enhanced, increasing the bid close rate for the Contract Smart member.     

How long does it take to complete a Bid and Contract using the Bid and Contract Management System?

It depends on the Scope of the Work to be completed.  All basic contracts can usually be completed in less than a minute by entering the Owner Name and Address, indicating which Party prepared the plans, and setting an Optional Penalty Amount.  However, since the magnitude and detail of the Scope of Work, which serves as an important exhibit to the basic contract, determine how long it takes to prepare a comprehensive contract.  If information for a task within the Scope of Work is readily available, that task should take one to two minutes to complete.  Thus, a contract with a Scope of Work consisting of 10 items should take approximately 10 to 20 minutes to complete, assuming each task in the Scope of Work is of average complexity and all supporting information is on hand.

What is Contract Smart’s Privacy Policy?

Contract Smart takes your privacy very seriously.  Please take a moment to review the details of our Privacy Policy.

Does Contract Smart store my credit card information?

No.  All credit card information is stored on the credit card processor's highly secure server and is not accessible by Contract Smart or its employees at any time.  In the event that someone posing as a Contract Smart employee or representative ever requests credit card information, please contact us as well as your credit card company and local law enforcement.

How much does it cost to use Contract Smart’s Bid and Contract Management System?

You can purchase Bids & Contracts individually, or purchase a monthly subscription. The pricing is as follows:

- Individual Bids & Contracts - $29/each

- Up to 5 Bids & Contracts per Month - $59/month

- Up to 10 Bids & Contracts per Month - $99/month

- Up to 15 Bids & Contracts per Month - $129/month

- Unlimited  Bids & Contracts per Month - $149/month

Does Contract Smart provide legal advice?

No. Contract Smart provides an online portal to individuals who choose to prepare their own legal documents for the purpose of managing contract-based improvements to their real property or to the real property of others. Contract Smart is not a law firm, and the employees of Contract Smart are not acting as an attorney for its Member Contractors, their Clients or any other user of Contract Smart’s Products and Services. Please read our Terms and Conditions for additional details.  

What if the customer or I want to change an item in the standard contract?

Any item in the contract can be modified by hand. Simply make the change with a pen, then you and the Property Owner should each initial the change.

What if the customer or I don’t want to include the arbitration clause?

The Arbitration (Conflict Resolution) Section has an opt-out clause, where both you and your customer can initial to exclude it.

What happens if there is a change order during a job that I’m using Contract Smart for?

In the event that a change order arises during the course of a project, simply log in to your Contract Smart account.  Then select the job you'd like to change from the Manage Contracts box in the Main Menu screen.  Click "View" to see all documents associated with the project.  Next, click on the “Edit” link next to the document the document that you'd like to change.  You can now add, delete, or change information for that document.  If you are editing the Scope of Work for an Owner Contract, consider how changes may affect related Subcontract agreements, and vice versa.  Once you've made your desired changes, you can e-mail, fax, mail or hand deliver your updated documents for execution by the other party.  Once signed, the new document replaces prior versions, although all previous versions are stored online by Contract Smart for your reference.

What happens if there is a dispute on a job that I am using the Bid and Contract Management System on?

While numerous features of the Bid and Contract Management System have been designed to minimize number of disputes between Owners and Contractors, Contract Smart realizes that some disputes may still arise on occasion.  As such, Contract Smart's Contract features a binding arbitration stipulation within its Conflict Resolution Clause, designed to resolve most conflicts within 14 days of notice from one party to another. 

Can I use the Bid and Contract Management System for jobs outside of Colorado?

Contract Smart has retained experienced attorneys in the field of Construction Law for the State of Colorado to draft its Contracts and Agreements.  Since these Contracts and Agreements are written and updated with changes to Colorado Law, they are not recommended for use outside the State of Colorado.  Since Contract Smart plans to expand beyond Colorado, please check the Contract Smart website periodically for updates regarding our expansion.

How do I change or cancel my subscription?

Once logged into your account, enter the Account Preferences menu, and select: “None. Purchase Bids & Contracts Individually.”  Your credit card will not be billed the next month for the subscription you had previously.

What happens to the bids, contracts, and agreements I have stored online if I cancel my subscription?

In order to provide an open, trusted environment, your contracts will remain accessible to you and your clients even if you cancel your subscription. You can always access and edit them even if you don't have an active subscription.  However, you will not be able to create new ones.

Can I print my Bids and Contracts with my Company’s logo?

Yes. If you would like your company's logo to print on your Bids and Contracts, e-mail a copy of your logo to the address listed on the Account Preferences page of your account.  Accepted file types are JPEG, GIF, EPS, and TIFF.  For security purposes, your message must come from the email address that you use to login to your account.

What customer support options are available for Contract Smart products and services?

In the event that your question has not been addressed in our Frequently Asked Questions section or by one of our product demonstration videos, please e-mail us through our Customer Contact Form or call us at 303.578.0099.