Contract Smart’s Mission is to promote professionalism and accountability within the Contractor industry. However, Contract Smart provides no guarantee or assurances regarding any Member Contractor’s ability to complete contracted work to your satisfaction.  It is your sole responsibility to determine whether or not a Contract Smart Member Contractor is qualified to complete your project in an acceptable manner and whether or not the Contract Smart Contract is appropriate for your project.


Contractor Positive Feedback

Contract Smart works hard to provide its Contractor Members with products and services that enhance their ability to provide outstanding workmanship and service.  If you’d like to compliment a Contract Smart Member on their performance, feel free to send us a comment, and we will pass it along to them as well.


Constructive Criticism

Contract Smart’s mission is to provide products and services that enhance the professionalism and performance of our Contractor clients.  Additionally, Contract Smart Members pledge to uphold our Code of Ethics before they are allowed to use our products or services.  If you feel that a Contract Smart Member has fallen short of the expectations we set forth in our Code of Ethics, we’d like to pass your feedback along to them.

We will review your feedback to determine, if at our sole discretion, the Contract Smart Member Contractor is in violation of our Code of Ethics and should be disallowed from using our products and services in the future.

Additionally, we will do our best to provide your feedback to the Member Contractor, although we accept no responsibility for the resolution of your issue and provide no assurances that the Member Contractor will address the issue as a result of completing this form.  If you’d like to review your formal rights for resolving an outstanding issue with a Contract Smart Member Contractor that you have a Contract Smart Contract with, please see the Conflict Resolution section of your Contract Smart Contract. 


Contract Smart Feedback

If you have input that you believe would allow Contract Smart to improve its products or services to enhance the Owner experience, we’d like to hear from you.   Please use our Contact Form.

Contractor Feedback Policy