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Clear communication is the best way to avoid disputes. Your Contract Smart Bid and Contract will include a strong legal contract and a scope of work detailing all the tasks and specific materials involved in the project. The customizable schedule allows you break up project tasks into appropriate sized pieces called milestones, and you determine how much will be payed after each is completed.
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Contractor Testimonial

"As the owner of a local construction company, I've heard plenty of horror stories of property owners being taken advantage of by unethical contractors. I use Contract Smart contracts to differentiate myself from my competition, and to assure my new customers that I am an upfront and honest contractor. Plus, I know that as I complete my work as defined in the contract and work schedule, I will be paid by the customer."

-Alpine Builders, Westminster, CO

Subcontractor Agreements
Subcontracting leads to most of the headaches that you face on construction projects. Contract Smart  also allows you to manage your subcontractors using contracts, detailed scopes of work, and lien waivers. This means you can relax knowing that the work a subcontractor does is followed to your specific directions and that your good business name is protected. 
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