"8 months ago we hired a contractor that a friend referred us to for our basement remodel. We naively did not put a legal contract place, and paid him 1/2 up front. 2 weeks into the project, and with a house that was a complete mess, the contractor told us he underestimated the project and the price would now double. After months of arguments, tears, and legal bills, we realized we would never get our initial $25,000 back. We've since hired a new contractor to finish the work and he used Contract Smart to put in place a contract that protects us going forward. It was easy understand, and we love the payment milestones concept.”

-Jim & Kathy, Denver, CO

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Most property owners begin a project forgetting to exercise common sense.  The reality is you've just entered into a complex business relationship, where over 50% of transactions result in disagreements, fraud, or some sort of legal action. If the project or relationship fails, what sort of protection do you have?  Contract Smart Member Contractors will provide you with a strong, fair contract that is personalized for your project. Contract Smart commercial and residential construction contracts are created by experienced and licensed construction attorneys and is kept compliant with the latest local laws and regulations. Learn more by watching the video demonstration to the right.

"I just finished a large landscaping and irrigation project at my home in Evergreen.  We choose our contractor because he used the Contract Smart program. After reviewing the bids from 3 other local contractors, we felt that this contractor was more professional and organized.  The contract and scope of work detailed every task and the materials that were going to be used, and how much I would pay along the way.  As a frequent traveler, I also appreciated that I could review the contract and any changes online at the Contract Smart website at anytime."

-Susan, Evergreen, CO

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Detailed Scope of Work & Payment Milestones

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Your Contract Smart bid and contract will include a scope of work detailing all the tasks and specific materials involved in the project. The schedule allows you and your contractors to decide how to break up the project into appropriate sized pieces called milestones. You can determine the expected completion time of each milestone, and how much will be payed after each.  With the project scope, timeline and expectations clearly defined up front, there won't be disappointment or confusion down the road.
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Over 50% of home improvement
projects result in some sort of
disagreement, fraud or legal action.
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